We Are Defined – In The Public Square

As the New Remnant of the church, we believe that we have a role in the public square.   We will seek to support candidates who support basic foundational Christian principles such as moral character, godly marriage; the right to life for the unborn, racial equality, and creation by design.  We will  additionally support those who adhere to the foundational tenets of the Declaration of Independence and the United States constitution because both documents were rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.

We believe that Christian voters should seek out the beliefs held by those in public office and to vote according to Christian values.  We are convinced that duty to our Creator calls us to speak out and to take action to further belief in the connection between Christian faith and wise government.  We purpose that the public square is not to be abandoned to only those who have no spiritual context, rather God’s church has a proper place  in the public square.   America was not only founded  on the principles of Judeo-Christianity, but it will not stand  if it abandons those principles.  We are not proponents of any political party, but we expect accountability of all political leaders who represent us.  We will place our time, effort, prayers, and financial support behind those who stand for fundamental Judeo-Christian principles.

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