We Are Defined – Spiritually

As the New Remnant of the church, we believe spiritually, that we are the children of Jehovah God.   We fully and without reservation intend to be set apart for His will and His work while acknowledging that we are merely the sinners of the world saved by a great and gracious God.  He is the triune God of Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit the one and only God presenting Himself as Protector, Savior, and Teacher-Comforter.  We believe that eternal life begins with our acceptance of Jesus Christ and that it has no end.  We believe as in 1st John 5:11-12 that those who have the Son [believe in Christ as Savior] have eternal life.  We wish to present the face of Christ to the world. 

We will grow and strengthen the Remnant of the church in worship and fellowship and prepare the believers to give a defense of their faith.   We further believe that a primary goal of worship is presented in Romans 12:1 – that we are to be “living sacrifices” to the gracious, creator God.


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