The Remnant Manifesto


No statement of belief can ever equal the bible itself.  Our purpose here in the “Remnant Manifesto” is to form connections with Christian Believers across the nation who share in these basic truths.  In forming connections, it is our goal to encourage and uplift each other and to provide a sure sense that you are not alone, but are part of a vital remnant of the church that holds firm to the truth.

The life of a Christian believer is to be informed  by their beliefs in every moment of every day and in every endeavor.  We believe that the greater the numbers who live by the truth of the scripture, the greater will be the impact for good on the world.  Our challenge is to grow the numbers of believers to engage in the Christian life to its fullest.

 The Manifesto


As the New Remnant of the church, we believe that we exist as the remainder of the church that Christ started 2,000 years ago. We believe that we were founded from the love of a Savior and are grounded in the one singular truth  that has a chance of redeeming humanity and setting  people free.  That  singular truth is belief in Christ. The church is the instrument of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If it succumbs to societal pressure to be merely a proponent of cultural and temporal belief systems, it will lose its credibility and its power to do eternal good. 

 The time has always been right  to stand for the truth of the gospel of Christ, and never more than now.  We will not  support the actions of those who oppose the principles of Christ in social, political or economic arenas. We will not give tacit support to them through our silence. We will not look away, nor stand silent, when the rights of Christian believers are suppressed or abrogated.   Neither pressure of popular culture, nor any political powers will cause us to refrain from preaching the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We will stand for Christ and the truth of the scriptures no matter the cost and even if it means standing alone. 

 God created every human being in His divine image and therefore every person has inherent God-given rights and dignity.  It matters what we believe, in both a worldly sense, and in an eternal sense, and truth is preferred to falsehood no matter how well presented. 

 The United States of America has been a haven for freedom for the very reason that it was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.  The sins of America’s past and present are only visible by the light that is shined on them by the teachings of Christ.  When the light of Judeo-Christian values is allowed to become dim, immorality rises.  Then the force of the popular culture creates an ever more immoral society.  Allowing that light to dim has meant that America is fast becoming a country in open opposition to God.  To do our best to stem the tide of darkness, and in order to be a “city on a hill” , the Remnant of the church will stand for the cause of Christ.       

 We will turn our eyes to God, our hearts to love, and we will not bow our knee to any false god



We Are Defined:

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