Robin Hood Was Still A Thief

The story of Robin Hood is one that most people are familiar with.  Robin Hood and his band of merry men stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It was convenient that the rich people in the story of Robin Hood were all evil and deserved to be robbed.
The poor people were all deserving saints who waited eagerly for the largess of their woodland benefactor.

It is handy to have a “straw man” that is set up to be the bad guy, and to be able to defeat him soundly.  This of course has no parallel in reality.  There are good and evil people in every economic category.  To assign good or evil based on economic status is naïve at best and dangerous at its worst.

The idea that those who have are somehow bad and those who
do not have are somehow good sets up a paradox that the proponents of such ideas rarely acknowledge.   If the ones
that have are evil, just take what they have and give it to the ones who are good because they do not have.

Now we are in the uncomfortable situation where the former
good people are now bad because they now have, and the former bad people are now good because they do not have.

This should set up a conflict in the thinking mind.  This would mean that we would need some kind of governmental  agency would have to continually take from the ones that have and give to the ones that do not have in order to cycle around the “goodness”.

This would put the government in a great place as the god of good and evil.

Welcome to redistribution of wealth, welcome to a fundamentally changed America.

We can change it back, if we are truly “We the People”