Our Voice

There are a multitude of voices in our culture, all speaking out confidently about the Christian faith and what Christians are really like.  The problem is that most are nearly completely wrong.
Confident assertions are made with little or no real understanding or insight.   When a science reporter reports on Einstein’s theory of relativity it is obvious that the reporter is not a theoretical physicist,and that his reporting is done from the perspective of one on the outside looking in.  We do not assume that we gain more than a superficial insight into E=MC2 .

Reporters, who make sweeping generalizations, from that same perspective of one not knowing Christ and only looking into the church window, are given the same credibility as ones who actually know the truth.

The church has a voice, and the voice of believers must take back the message.  We need to clearly understand our beliefs and reclaim our place as the credible, reliable witnesses to

The great Charles Spurgeon was asked how to defend the gospel.  He replied that the gospel does not need defense; it is a lion that we are keeping in a cage.  If we release the lion, it will defend itself.

Get back your voice!

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