Occupy Hanover

Hundreds of people have gathered in Hanover County  Virginia.  They are like an occupying army, coordinated and organized.  Unlike Occupy Wall Street they have a clear message, “Find Robbie Woods!”   Robbie Woods is the autistic child that was lost in the North Anna Battlefield Park on Sunday afternoon.

This army comes from all over, average Americans, which is to say exceptional.  Some have suffered in these economic times; some are fathers and mothers taking personal time off from their job to search for a lost nine year old.

As I led the prayer vigil in Doswell Virginia last night, I was struck by the power of Christian community.  Economic and color barriers dissolve in the face of a community in prayer.  The candlelight that illuminates the face of a person at a prayer vigil, or the lantern light reflected on the face of an exhausted person searching in the dark knows no boundaries of class or color.

The community has said “We will not stop until Robbie is found”   Christ said that the shepherd would leave 99 sheep to find one that was lost.  Many have done just that, suspending their life, while seeking this small boy. Heartbroken parents, heavy hearted searchers, like minded prayer warriors all stand in solidarity to seek that one lamb that is lost.

America is still out there my friends; it is just not on Wall Street or in halls of government power.

It is here, it is still we the people.

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