About The New Remnant Project

Welcome to The New Remnant.  This site is dedicated to gathering together the remnant of the church.  The remnant of the church is that group of Christians who believe in the basic principles of Christ as shown in the bible.

It seems today that churches are not having a powerful effect on our culture.  With 75% of Americans claiming to be Christians, we are still descending morally as a nation. This would indicate that many of the 75% are not allowing Christianity to inform their lives and decisions.  It is possible that the church [redeemed active followers of Christ] is merely a lot smaller than membership rolls indicate.

We believe that it is time for those who claim Christ to be counted.  The Remnant Manifesto is not a creed.  It is a statement that reflects biblical principles, and the logical effects of those principles on our Christian lives.

Please read the Remnant Manifesto.  If you agree with the ideas and principles stated there, join with those who will be counted for Christ.

We want to encourage the believers in churches across the nation and world and to grow the remnant of the church.  We want you to know that you are not alone.  You have God Almighty as your help and the others who gather here as brothers and sisters.

Download The Remnant Manifesto

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