Upside Down

It is no surprise to anyone who has picked up a log or a stone, to discover that the underside was less than attractive.  Sometimes there are insects, sometimes there are black widow spiders hiding in the dark places.

A nation can become fixated on the things that are the dark side things.  People will nearly wreck their cars trying to see the catastrophic accident on the side of the road, while never seeing the heroic rescue personnel  who are working to save the victims.

While the nation cranes it’s neck to see the wrecks…….,

Whitney Houston ,a great talent lost to unwise life choices.

Charlie Sheen, substance abuser, an adulterer, sexually promiscuous and obnoxious.

Lindsay Lohan ,celebrity drug addict and thief.

Kim Kardashian’s fake  wedding.

……The first responders are in harm’s way for our freedom.

Justin Allen 23
Brett Linley 29
Matthew Weikert 29
Justus Bartett 27
Dave Santos 21
Jesse Reed 26
Matthew Johnson 21
Zachary Fisher 24
Brandon King 23
Christopher Goeke 23
Sheldon Tate 27

All Marines that gave their lives last month for you. Can we at least get our priorities straight again?

Honor to whom honor is due.

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Robin Hood Was Still A Thief

The story of Robin Hood is one that most people are familiar with.  Robin Hood and his band of merry men stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It was convenient that the rich people in the story of Robin Hood were all evil and deserved to be robbed.
The poor people were all deserving saints who waited eagerly for the largess of their woodland benefactor.

It is handy to have a “straw man” that is set up to be the bad guy, and to be able to defeat him soundly.  This of course has no parallel in reality.  There are good and evil people in every economic category.  To assign good or evil based on economic status is naïve at best and dangerous at its worst.

The idea that those who have are somehow bad and those who
do not have are somehow good sets up a paradox that the proponents of such ideas rarely acknowledge.   If the ones
that have are evil, just take what they have and give it to the ones who are good because they do not have.

Now we are in the uncomfortable situation where the former
good people are now bad because they now have, and the former bad people are now good because they do not have.

This should set up a conflict in the thinking mind.  This would mean that we would need some kind of governmental  agency would have to continually take from the ones that have and give to the ones that do not have in order to cycle around the “goodness”.

This would put the government in a great place as the god of good and evil.

Welcome to redistribution of wealth, welcome to a fundamentally changed America.

We can change it back, if we are truly “We the People”

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It’s Revolutionary

A trip to Colonial Williamsburg is not complete without a visit to the location of the House of Burgess.  This group of
men met as representatives of the people to address the issues facing the Virginia colony.

When the assembly did not conform to the wishes of the Royal Governor, Lord Dunnmore, the governor in 1774, summarily dismissed the representatives of the people and went on to rule without their input or consent. This was one of the sparks that ignited the War for Independence.

Our constitution describes our government as being created by “We the people.”  It further outlines a structure where the voice of the people is heard through the congress of the
United States.  To attempt to govern without the consent of congress is an attempt to govern without the consent of
the people.  Revolutions have been fought for less.

Our current president has stated on the record that he intends to govern without congress in the coming days.   This displays an open disregard for the constitution, the rule of law,  and the will of the governed.

It is time to get “Revolutionary” and restore the rule of law in this great land.

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Note to Thomas Jefferson

In the lobby of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond Virginia, stands a wonderful statue of Thomas Jefferson.  As I stood in the lobby recently, I remembered the role that Jefferson and other founders played in the creation of our nation.

I had the impulse to say “I am sorry, Mr President that we have taken the legacy that you and others left to us and have been bent on the destruction of that legacy.  If we have not done so in deeds, we have done so by inaction.”

It occurred to me that men like Jefferson and Washington would have listened to my apology, but would have followed up with the most simple reply, “What then will you do now?”

It is time to stop saying “Somebody needs to do something!” and say “Here I am, send me.”

Are you willing?

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Our Voice

There are a multitude of voices in our culture, all speaking out confidently about the Christian faith and what Christians are really like.  The problem is that most are nearly completely wrong.
Confident assertions are made with little or no real understanding or insight.   When a science reporter reports on Einstein’s theory of relativity it is obvious that the reporter is not a theoretical physicist,and that his reporting is done from the perspective of one on the outside looking in.  We do not assume that we gain more than a superficial insight into E=MC2 .

Reporters, who make sweeping generalizations, from that same perspective of one not knowing Christ and only looking into the church window, are given the same credibility as ones who actually know the truth.

The church has a voice, and the voice of believers must take back the message.  We need to clearly understand our beliefs and reclaim our place as the credible, reliable witnesses to

The great Charles Spurgeon was asked how to defend the gospel.  He replied that the gospel does not need defense; it is a lion that we are keeping in a cage.  If we release the lion, it will defend itself.

Get back your voice!

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Birds Of A Feather

This is the partial list of those who have come together to give support to Occupy Wall Street.  How revealing.

Communist Party USA

The American Nazi Party

Revolutionary Communist Party

Black Panthers

Nation of Islam’s Louis FarrakhanCAIR Council on American Islamic Relations [The folks who want to bring you sharia law]

President Barack Obama

Vice President Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei

Hugo Chavez

Revolutionary Guards of Iran

The Govt of North Korea

Communist Party of China


Who is on America’s side?

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Occupy Hanover

Hundreds of people have gathered in Hanover County  Virginia.  They are like an occupying army, coordinated and organized.  Unlike Occupy Wall Street they have a clear message, “Find Robbie Woods!”   Robbie Woods is the autistic child that was lost in the North Anna Battlefield Park on Sunday afternoon.

This army comes from all over, average Americans, which is to say exceptional.  Some have suffered in these economic times; some are fathers and mothers taking personal time off from their job to search for a lost nine year old.

As I led the prayer vigil in Doswell Virginia last night, I was struck by the power of Christian community.  Economic and color barriers dissolve in the face of a community in prayer.  The candlelight that illuminates the face of a person at a prayer vigil, or the lantern light reflected on the face of an exhausted person searching in the dark knows no boundaries of class or color.

The community has said “We will not stop until Robbie is found”   Christ said that the shepherd would leave 99 sheep to find one that was lost.  Many have done just that, suspending their life, while seeking this small boy. Heartbroken parents, heavy hearted searchers, like minded prayer warriors all stand in solidarity to seek that one lamb that is lost.

America is still out there my friends; it is just not on Wall Street or in halls of government power.

It is here, it is still we the people.

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The Secular Rejection of Reason

Evangelicals have been accused of rejecting reason in a new book written by two professors who claim to be Christian. They say Evangelicals have abandoned reason in part because “They have been scarred by the elimination of prayer in schools; the removal of nativity scenes from public places; the increasing legitimacy of abortion and homosexuality; the persistence of pornography and drug abuse; and acceptance of
other religions and of atheism.” 

In their new book, The Evangelical Rejection of Reason,
professors  Karl W. Giberson and Randall J. Stephens attack
the evangelical community for not accepting man made global warming, not suppressing any ideas that are contrary to evolutionary theory, and for not simply just conforming God to the image of currently touted scientific theory.

The supposition that evangelical response is due to the idea that we are losing the battle to the culture demonstrates lack of understanding of both faith and science.  Evangelical scientists do not embrace Intelligent Design because they are upset over the “the removal of nativity scenes from public
;”   Evangelicals need not be compelled to justify why they would examine multiple theories for the development
of life on earth to determine the merits of each, it is incumbent upon other scientists to justify why they would restrict scientific investigation and still claim to be scientists.

Some of the same scientists who would deny true scientific inquiry are the ones who ostracized Dan Shechtman when he discovered a new form of crystal known as quasicrystals.  He lost job and career to the ridicule of the “scientific” community.  In 2011 The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dan Shechtman for the discovery of quasicrystals.

Nearly every litmus test that Charles Darwin put upon his theory of evolution has failed, yet many cling to faith in it.

 Karl Giberson and Randall Stehens claim that evangelicals have lost objectivity and reason because they are ”scarred by  the elimination of prayer in schools; the removal of nativity scenes from public places; the increasing legitimacy of abortion and homosexuality; the persistence of pornography and drug abuse; and acceptance of other religions and of atheism.”

One wonders why self-professed Christians such as these men are not scarred by the increasing legitimacy of abortion and homosexuality?  Why are they not scarred by persistence of pornography and drug abuse?  Why are they not broken hearted along with evangelicals that many are moving away from Christ to other religions and atheism?

If one claims reason and science and rejects inquiry and investigation, how can one claim to be a reasonable scientist?

If one claims Christ and does not let Him inform their life, what are their claims worth?

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The Chase

It has become popular to chase after people in the culture to get them to stay in church.  When this chasing takes the form of prayer and honest presentation of scripture and the gospel, or it is just a change in the tempo and style of music, it is accommodating and many times refreshing.

What surveys continue to show is that people want more than new music and programs; they want the beliefs of the church to bend to match the culture. Blame for this does not lie with the ones who want the church to conform to culture, it lies with churches who compromise important values and beliefs
in order to chase the culture.

Many Junior high school students will say that history is boring and not relevant, and many will include math as irrelevant.  For them to think this is not the issue, for parents and schools to allow them to be the arbitrator of what is relevant is the issue.

Psalm 42:1 says, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for Thee, O God.”  The individual who is a believer develops a passion for seeking God and conforming to Him rather than the other way around.

It is time to make the case clear.  Abandoning principles and beliefs in order to chase people will not gain in the short run and will not work in the long run.  Those who practice it, injure themselves and their own faith.

In Arthur Miller’s “Death of A Salesman”, the main character Willy Loman prized “being liked” above all other characteristics for gaining success. Willy says “Be liked and you will never want.”  Much of his life was lived trying to seek being liked rather than being true.  As a result he gained little liking, and lost family, job and life.

The chameleon conforms to its landscape out of fear that something will discover who it really is.  That is not
the way of Christ, nor is it the way of the church.

The church must be the lighthouse that stands in clear weather and storm, not just another ship adrift and at sea.

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Strong and Courageous

Joshua had some big sandals to fill.  Moses was gone and Joshua had a nation to lead.  God’s advice to Joshua is a perfect encouragement to us as well.  God said prosperity and success are in reach if we absorb God’s word and put out energy and care to follow it.  God says then you can Be Strong and Courageous, you can move ahead and not fear, because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!

If you have a challenge, you can engage any difficulty if you remember god’s promise.  The Remnant of the Church is facing a huge challenge in the culture today.  If we remember God’s directions, we will be victorious.

Let us help and encourage one another.  Pass on The New Remnant to others and let our numbers grow.  We are not alone for God is with us.  We are not alone because there are millions of others who are sure that It matters what you believe.  Together our numbers will make a difference.  Together our voices will be heard.  

Join The New Remnant!

 This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:8-9

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