Elon Revitalization

Our church has enjoyed many wonderful blessings over the years.  Our hope is that it may renew itself in order to bring glory to God and the face of Christ to new generations.

In a rapidly changing world, the church brings an unchanging message, salvation through Jesus Christ. Our intent is to cling tenaciously to that message as we make ourselves available to meet the changing methods and paths for its delivery.

To begin it may be useful to clearly state what is not part of the scope of this concept.  We will hold every thought and idea up to the lens of the scripture and the criteria of our message. Salvation in Christ.  We believe that becoming very successful at delivering another message is no success at all.  Every part of our current structure, worship, education and bible study, outreach and fellowship should come under examination.  We will be willing to change or alter the form of what we do if it enhances our effectiveness of delivery of the function the form represents.   No tradition ranks higher than reaching more with the message of Christ.

Randy Secrist